Reasons to choose Bespoke Development

Our focus is on helping investors get better returns

Whether you’re new to property investment or have a lifetime of experience, you’ll no doubt agree there’s always more to learn.

We bring real value to the table in helping our clients put together better deals which offer better investment performance. As our name implies, Bespoke Construction is all about understanding our clients’ aspirations and investment vision. Consider us part of your investment strategy team, ready to help you make more informed decisions.

We’ll challenge those council rules!

Wish you could get more residences on your investment block? We understand how councils think and operate! Yes they need to lay down the law to keep their constituents happy, but with the right approach there is often more flexibility than investors realise.

Remember, we will take care of all the council applications and ongoing processes, and we might even land you a pleasant surprise in the outcome.

Squeeze better returns out of your investment dollar

Building investment properties specifically for the rental market takes a different mindset. Unlike owners building their dream home, the emphasis really needs to be on hard-nosed investment decisions that offer better returns.

We’ll guide you in making better decisions that can save a considerable amount in up-front costs while retaining all the important specs that renters are looking for in their new home. Ultimately we work to help you attract better renters who are happy to pay a little extra and are more likley to take care of your treasured asset.

Simply better service

Yes we know that every builder in South Australia will promise better service. But you might also know about the typical routine offered by most builders. As soon as you sign the contract those lovely, accommodating sales staff are suddenly nowhere to be seen.

What you’re left with instead is the guy who has to juggle the demands of both tradies and clients. Somehow they never seem to smile as much as the sales staff.

Bespoke Development is led by Jayce, and his commitment is to offer high standards of consistent service from the first enquiry to the final handover. You won’t be fobbed off and you won’t be left wondering if you’ve made the right decision.

… and did you get the bit about our fixed price guarantee?

We understand that as an investor you need predictability and consistency in likely costs. That’s why so many of our investor clients keep coming back to us over and over again.

Once we have agreed on a final design we will quote a fixed price we will stand by until your home has been completed. The only person who can change that price is you, should you wish to make variations to the agreed design.

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