Subdividing Land SA

Subdividing Land SA by Bespoke Development

At Bespoke Development, we understand the importance of providing hassle free subdividing land SA services for all of our clients wanting to explore this as an investment opportunity. People are often hesitant to build with large commercial construction companies as they focus largely on quantity over quality, resulting in rushed and poorly finished structures. On the flip side, many custom home builders cannot cater to investors with lesser budgets. At Bespoke Development, we have found the perfect happy-medium, allowing us to offer custom home solutions at a truly affordable price. We provide a friendly service that is efficient without cutting any corners in the process. As investment property specialists, we know how to best handle your subdividing land SA and new home build projects with ease! With absolutely everything you will need to facilitate a smoothly run process, before you look anywhere else, give the Bespoke Development team a call.

subdividing land SA

Our Process

From the time we lodge the initial subdividing land SA application, the remainder of the process will take approximately 21 weeks to complete. If you are unsure about where to even start with your land subdivision project, you can drop in to our office for a free consultation where we will thoroughly assess your situation in order to provide you with an informed recommendation. If you decide to progress with Bespoke Development, we will devise a plan that reflects the property’s maximum potential, based on your needs, property dimensions and market demand. We offer individual subdivision and home build services, as well as a subdivide & build package to streamline the complete process! Our designs are tailored to our client’s requirements at a highly competitive price, so you can have complete confidence in knowing we will deliver exactly what you want at a price within your budget.

Our Service Guarantee

Aside from the team of qualified tradesmen who will work on your subdividing land SA project, we also have access to specialised service providers to facilitate our holistic home division and build process, including;

  • Building Designer – who can design the home with practicality, market demand and aesthetic appeal in mind
  • Town Planner – to help you understand your site’s development potential
  • Surveyors – to assess the site’s condition during subdivision and before construction
  • Demolition team – to remove all existing fixtures on the site
  • Engineers – to take care of soil testing, structural design & waste management
  • Conveyancer – to handle all paperwork and legal documentation on your behalf
  • Mortgage Broker – to provide you with mortgage orientated advice and services

Subdividing land SA is a fantastic way of increasing your rental income, and is also an ideal solution for home owners who wish to downsize to reduce property maintenance. Whatever your needs, Bespoke Development has the solution for you.

Call the friendly team at Bespoke Development today to discuss your subdividing land SA project, new home build, or both! The results will absolutely speak for themselves in the form of a beautiful home and increased financial rewards.